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IT Training - Global Data Smart Program

DATA SMART WORKSHOP – Generate Efficient and Insightful Decisions with Data

The Data Smart Workshop is designed to provide an understanding of strategies and technologies required to generate efficient and insightful decisions with data. It provides learners with a high level understanding of data itself - the sources, storage, and security aspects, as well as a broad understanding of different types of data analysis including both descriptive and predictive, as well as aspects of Machine Learning and AI and how they have the potential to help companies discover new insights and create new products and services. This program is intended to make the non-technical teams data literate, and provide them with a strategic overview of data and data analytics techniques.

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Real Case Study

The implementation of big data in big companies such as Amazon and Netflix, enable them to suggest products based on their customer behavior on their website/application. For example, Netflix able to recommend what movie to watch next based on their customer’s recent watch.
What will happened when you underestimated the power of Big Data? You will become like Nokia. What happened to Nokia now? Back in October 1998, Nokia became the best-selling mobile phone brand in the world. Fast forward to 2009, where Dr. Tricia Wang, a global tech ethnographer did her research for Nokia who found out that people are tend to change their Nokia phone to smart phone. But Nokia was not convince with Ms. Wang. What happened next? Nokia’s business fell off a cliff.
We Collect Data Every Day, But Do We Fully Utilize It?
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