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Soft Skills Training Topic


  • Associations (Code: 3AA1)
  • Agriculture (Code: 3AA2)
  • Branding (Code: 3AB1)
  • Business services (Code: 3AB2)
  • Certification program (Code: 3AC1)
  • Coaching (Code: 3AC2)
  • Construction (Code: 3AC3)
  • Cultural and ethnic (Code: 3AC4)
  • Distribution (Code: 3AD1)
  • Design (Code: 3AD2)
  • Education (Code: 3AE1)
  • Environment (Code: 3AE2)
  • Event Management (Code: 3AE3)
  • Franchise (Code: 3AF1)
  • Food and Beverage (Code: 3AF2)
  • Finance and Banking (Code: 3AF3)
  • Government Services (Code: 3AG1)
  • Grooming & Etiquette (Code: 3AG2)
  • Human Resource (Code: 3AH1)
  • Innovation (Code: 3AI1)
  • ICT (Code: 3AI2)
  • Intellectual Property (Code: 3AI3)
  • Knowledge (Code: 3AK1)
  • Language & Communication (Code: 3AL1)
  • Legal (Code: 3AL2)
  • Manufacturing (Code: 3AM1)
  • Mind and Mental (Code: 3AM2)
  • Organizational Performance (Code: 3AO1)
  • Oil and Gas (Code: 3AO2)
  • Property (Code: 3AP1)
  • Personnel (Code: 3AP2)
  • Project Management (Code: 3AP3)
  • Personal Development (Code: 3AP4)
  • Quality (Code: 3AQ1)
  • Retail (Code: 3AR1)
  • Retirement Planning (Code: 3AR2)
  • Sales and Marketing (Code: 3AS1)
  • Service (Code: 3AS2)
  • Safety and Health (Code: 3AS3)
  • Supply Chain (Code: 3AS4)
  • Specific S&T (Code: 3AS5)
  • Taxation (Code: 3AT1)
  • Transportation (Code: 3AT2)
  • Wealth Management (Code: 3AW1)
  • Youth Development (Code: 3AY1)

Soft Skill Training Calendar
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