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Corporate Profile

ArcNet Training & Development (ATD) is the corporate integral arm and subsidiary of ArcNet Group, committed to provide world class certification training programs to professionals and corporations. We analyse client's training needs, provide professional advice and tailor make specific programs to meet our client’s unique goals.

ATD offers a wide and complete range of IT training courses, High Level Personal Coaching and Soft Skills trainings. All courses conducted by ATD are defined and structured to meet your business and IT industry needs.

With more than ten (15) years of serving providing Business Suites/ Technical Lab rental services across Malaysia, ATD has earned its reputation in providing quality backend support to its customers and the assurance of a superior yet comfortable environment for all its business suites and labs.
ATD partners with the Asian Alliance for Advancement (3A), an organization established since 1997 and one of the pioneers in the training and development industry. Other partners and collaborative organizations of 3A include KIPA from Korea, TIPPA from Taiwan and The Russian House from Russia. Together, ATD is poised to serve every industry in any human capital development needs.


As a member of 3A, ATD maintains a unique competitive advantage in the professional industry. Setting itself apart from the amateurs, ATD leverages on the best practices of research and empirical studies. This initiative forms the very foundation to providing reliable training and consulting services to its clients.
Research and Innovation (RI) is more than just research and development. RI is an essential and continuing initiative of ATD. RI outputs are exploited to add value to both the clients and ATD’s products and services. Innovation has been a strategic agenda preached and practised by the Founder of 3A since the very beginning, even long before it becomes a national agenda today. RI is evident with the content evolution and new models and principles developed every now and then. With our RI agenda, clients and partners of ATD can be assured of unique, exclusive and cutting edge knowledge and technologies.
RI services provided by ATD in strategic collaboration with 3A include social research (for blueprint development), organisational research (for strategic business and operational advancement) and market research (for competitive analysis and strategic planning). Some example of past experiences and RI projects completed by 3A’s resource persons include ‘Blueprint on Developing Innovative Human Capital’ under the Ministry of Higher Education and MINDS, ‘Recommendations for Improving Performance, Reward and Remuneration System’ for SL Framewood (M) Sdn. Bhd., ‘Operation Gap Analysis’ for WF&S Tombstone Sdn. Bhd., etc.


ATD offers a total spectrum of training and competency development (TCD). ‘Training without application is futile. Application using untrained skills is barren.’ Base on specific needs, TCD spectrum may begin with personality and/or psychometric tests, organisational analysis, diagnosis, profiling and eventually the 4D phases – design, development, deployment of TCD programs as well as determination of results and performance. Where applicable, proprietary 3A’s Econometrics can also be used to substantiate any advancement or improvement resulted from such TCD initiatives.
TCD services provided by ATD include both technical and non-technical (commonly known as ‘soft-skill’) areas. TCD programs (some listed in ‘Feature Programs’ section herein) are delivered using various proven learning systems and technologies, including but not limited to the basics of andragogy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Accelerated Learning (AL). TCD programs have benefitted hundreds of organisations (thousands if combining the past clients trained / facilitated by the resource persons), which can be classified as Government, Government agencies, universities, non-Government organisations, companies overseas, public listed companies, multinationals and private limited companies

The advancement of knowledge, society and industry has brought about a new level of expectation and professionalism for the consulting industry. Gone are the days when consultants play a ‘god-like’ role, raising much scepticisms and dissatisfactions when the clients are used as ‘guinea pigs’. Living up to expectations, ATD employs a more proactive approach in its coaching, advisory and consulting (CAC) services. In additional to the assurance of professional qualifications, the unique advantages of 3A’s resource persons include holistic skills and knowledge, candid and highly adaptable as well as hands-on people, literally ‘holding the participants’ hands to show them how to fish!’ As Mr. Ishan de Silva (Director Infrastructure Services Management, DHL Asia-Pacific) gladly put, ‘...willingness to cover some relevant areas outside the agenda was refreshing and contributed to the overall success…”
CAC services provided by ATD and 3A include projects on certification (various ISO and other international certifications), brand development, franchise development, internal process improvement, productivity and performance improvement, energy management, CEO coaching and personality mentoring. Some example of past experiences and CAC projects completed by ATD and 3A’s resource persons include ‘Strategic Management Coaching for Top Executives’ for HCL Infosystem Ltd. In New Delhi, India, ‘The Show Where Dreams Become Reality’ for Nescafe Kick-Start Reality Show Season 1, ‘People Partnership’ for Tan Chong Motors Group, ‘Franchise Exploratory Stage’ for Summit Shoes, ‘Corporate Profile Development’ for Kashima Engineering (M) Sdn. Bhd., ‘ISO9001:2008 Upgrading and QMS Simplification’ for Panasonic Compressor Research and Development Centre (that resulted in about 30% procedural reduction), etc.

The involvement of the Founder working with inventions and new technologies for almost two decades, made technology transfer (TT) an integral scope of 3A’s business. TT is a spin-off venture from coaching, advisory and consulting services, where 3A Consultants bridge technology sources with the specific needs of the industry. Coupled with proprietary commercialization strategies, new ideas and technologies find its market place in a more direct approach in contrast with the conventional business matching.
TT is a new but promising venture as ATD through 3A is now working closely with its counterparts in Vietnam and Singapore. Other networks are vigorously pursued to enhance its technology sources, including those in India, Korea, Taiwan and Australia. The Founder of 3A is also a regular speaker on broadcasts and at seminars and conferences, including Helo Malaysia Bernama TV, Hitz FM, Astro’s Perspektif Kita, Astro’s Sudut Pandangan, International Medical University (IMU), Brand Laureate’s Tun Mahathir Lecture Series, Malaysian Productivity Centre (MPC), Institute of Engineers Malaysia (IEM) and University Science Malaysia (USM).

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