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1. Microsoft Excel: Making Friend Out of a Foe

Excel isn’t just a tool for accountants or data analyst anymore. In today’s world of business, Excel is more than just a number-crunching tool for your statistics. Almost every company, from small medium enterprises to multi-billion organisations and chains, rely on the expertise of workforce in wielding the Spreadsheet.

However, as much as many company blatantly states “Candidate must possess efficient computer skills” in it’s job application requirement, it does not spend a dime on sending its employee for a fruitful training. Put more classically, employers see the expenditure of sending subordinates for specific training as a diminution. As the saying goes, a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor, very less employer realises that an efficient training makes a skilled employee.

Won’t lie that the complexity and intricacy of Microsoft Excel often terrifies many. Think again. The moment your employer hands you crucial task on Excel and you are unable to solve it, that is when you should be terrified. This mostly discourages individuals from learning further. Don’t worry. You are not alone. Many individuals have gone from featherbrained to mastering the Excel features and interfaces with correct training.

That’s when accredited training & development centers step in for rescue. Such centers do not simply jump into the industry eyeing for profit only. Being responsible for the training & development of individuals from various industries is a truckload of duty. To add in, it takes years sometimes decades to build a reputation and acquire accreditation for IT certificates like Microsoft and Adobe. One such center is ArcNet Training & Development.

If you have little or no experience with Microsoft Excel, a basic Excel course will provide you with a comprehensive introduction to use all features in Excel. You will gain practical skills to use immediately in the workplace. You can learn to create, edit, format, and print basic Microsoft Excel worksheets. At ArcNet Training & Development, the Excel master will share tips that will help you save time and better display your data on screen and in print.

If you read this article to till here, you did great! Now, walk to your manager’s cabin, head held high and let him/her know that you need Excel training. You know who to call thereafter. So, next time he/she asks you to generate your sales annual report, Excel will be your friend and not foe!

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